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The HydroGlyde Coating represents a significant departure from conventional latex condoms. By providing uninterrupted superior lubrication that becomes activated with water, HydroGlyde effectively eliminates the need for supplemental personal condom lubricants.

Our coating formulation is strategically designed to attach to and remain on the surface of natural rubber substrates. It exhibits similar mechanical and flexibility properties as latex itself to avoid delamination or cracking (common challenges associated with coating latex). The HydroGlyde Coating formulation becomes slippery when in contact with water or aqueous solutions to offer longer lasting condom lubricity.

“What are some other benefits to the HydroGlyde Coating?”

  • More durable as compared to commercially available lubricated condoms
  • Thin design and long-lasting lubrication increases satisfaction and enhances sensation
  • Eliminate the need to purchase additional lubrication
  • Adaptable to GMP mass production processes
  • Composed of non-cytotoxic and non-allergenic materials used in approved FDA-devices